Fillmore Posters: What are they, where can I get them, and are
they really
original hand painted concert posters from the 1960s?  

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Lee Conklin

Wes Wilson
Wes Wilson 2

Randy Tuten

Fillmore Posters Article

Family Dog Posters

Roots of
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Elvis Presley
Buddy Holly
Little Richard
Chuck Berry
Jerry Lee Lewis
Sun Records
Dick Dale/Del-Tones
Jack Kerouac
Neal Cassady
The Beats

John Lee

Ray Charles
Beach Boys
Wilson Pickett
Ike & Tina

Rolling Stones
1st Vietnam

Bob Dylan
The Animals
Fillmore Opens
"Acid Test"


The Grateful
Jefferson Airplane
Lovin'  Spoonful
Mamas &

Sonny & Cher
Summer of Love
The Who
Jimi Hendrix
Big Brother and the Holding Company
Convention Chicago
Abbie Hoffman
MLK & RFK Shot Country Joe and the Fish
Miami Trial

Crosby, Still,
Nash, &
Eric Clapton
Pink Floyd
Jimi Hendrix 
Janis Joplin

Loretta Lynn
Grand Funk Railroad
Jim Morrison

Led Zeppelin
Iggy Pop
David Bowie
Lou Reed
Elton John
Billy Joel
Rick James


Blind Melon
The White

Lenny Kravitz
The Dead

Bob Dylan: Tangled Up In Ore
This past weekend my wife and I went on an odyssey to the far off lands of the Iron Range to seek out the roots of Bob Dylan.

John Olson, my grandfather, wrote about his life one day on a few pieces of notebook paper.  I found those sheets and transcribed his story for the world to see in his memory.  Click here to read his tale.

Andrew Olson's weekly column on music for The Reader Weekly Magazine

Jack White Takes Portland
After seeing Jack White play at the WaMu Theater in Seattle, my wife and I caught two White shows in Portland, Oregon the next day.

Jack White Defangs WaMu Theater in Seattle, Washington

Jack White performed at the WaMu Theater in Seattle, Washington last Tuesday and debuted his new solo venture. I’ve seen Jack White perform every year since 2005, with the exception of 2007 when the White Stripes canceled their Fargo, North Dakota show. It also has been since 2005 that I have heard him perform any songs from The White Stripes.

Filling a Jukebox & Thinking Nostalgically About Vinyl 
Last December I purchased a 1965 Seeburg Discotheque jukebox from a woman in Nowthen for $375 and had it brought up to Duluth.

Interview with Don Brewer of Grand Funk Railroad
One of the biggest stories in rocklore is about how Grand Funk Railroad was fired by Led Zeppelin for overshadowing them as their opener in the early 1970s. I asked Don to tell me the story of that fateful tour.

The Duluth Flood Drowned My Record Collection

On Wednesday morning I woke up to my wife telling me that my car had been flooded overnight and that I should maybe check on our basement.
*Article appeared in City Pages Magazine

The Top Five Bands of Duluth
People love when things are ranked and when they are familiar with something on a list it gives a great sense of pride. Now that I am entering my ninth year of writing for the Reader I thought it might be interesting to look at trivial aspects of this area and give a ranking once in a while.

The Best Caves in the Twin Ports: The Rathskeller at Tycoons and The Vinyl Cave in Superior

On Friday night at Tycoons the Rathskeller was full of brave newcomers and on Saturday the Vinyl Cave in Superior was overflowing with quiet record hounds.

Record Store Day
Vinyl strikes back this Saturday as most independent music stores around the country release special songs on records to celebrate. Cassettes, 8-Tracks, and CDs are becoming obsolete in the iTunes, downloadable Mp3 era of music we live in today, but why does vinyl continue to stick around?

The Twin Ports are the Napa Valley of the Northland for Beer
It seems like each week a new brewery is opening up in the Northland, making the area like the Napa Valley of beer.

Jack White Goes Solo
Jack White is releasing his first full length solo album titled “Blunderbuss” on April 23/24th and is already playing shows around the world to promote it.

Purchasing my 1965 Seeburg Discotheque Jukebox

This past weekend I purchased a 1965 Seeburg Discotheque jukebox from a woman in the Twin Cities. 

Rock & Art:

Jeredt Runions: Wilderness Pop Artist
Jeredt Runions performs with paint and artistic insight while on stage with local musicians like Cloud Cult, Trampled By Turtles, and Retribution Gospel Choir.



 Skatradioh: Pinnacle of Local Concert Poster Art
David Moreira, better known in the art world as Skatradioh, has taken local concert poster art to an entirely new level. Last Saturday at the new Ochre Ghost Gallery in downtown Duluth there were some amazing pieces created by Skatradioh on display.  A UMD student, Moreira has a fresh perspective on this classic art form.  CLICK HERE FOR A NEW ARTICLE ABOUT SKATRADIOH'S SHOW AT THE TWEED   

SkatRadioh defines Occupy Duluth movement through his art
David Moreira, known in the art world as SkatRadioh, created an amazing logo for the movement that transcends the social contract argument being waged around the country.  It features the iconic local image of the lift bridge with the words, “Occupy Duluth” written below.

VIDEO: SkatRadioh and Sharla Gardner at the Occupy Duluth movement

Live from Minneapolis:

Beady Eye @ First Avenue
Liam Gallagher of Oasis brought his newest band Beady Eye to Minnesota on Monday and rocked First Avenue.

Video clips from the show

La Madness
Kurt Vatland, Riggs Kessler, Seth Levine, and Aaron Willey have formed a new rock band called La Madness that is quickly making a name for itself in the state. 

The Local Scene:

Toby Thomas Churchill: Death 

A few months ago Toby Thomas Churchill released his first solo album and exposed his musical soul through an array of catchy tunes. 

Excuse Me Princess, Lions & Creators, and Toby Churchill rock Beaner's Central
Excuse Me Princess released their first CD on Saturday night at Beaner's Central with Toby Churchill, Lions & Creators, and Lee Peterson all performing in support.

Chad "Chavo" Amborn gets the call of a lifetime
Chad Amborn of The Alrights and former Twin Ports biggie Crazy Betty was called at the last minute to fill in for the drummer of a major band leaving in a few days for a show in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Rex Bar - Happy Hour with a View, or a Fun Night Out
The new deck area at the Rex Bar, located in the lower level of Fitgers Plaza, has one of the most beautiful views in the city and drink specials that will entice any thrifty visitor.

The Last Decade of Local Music From The Artists Themselves
To look back at the past decade I wanted to talk to the artists who were there and saw it from start to finish.  People who know more than me and lived the scene as it took place.  In order to properly discuss the music we would have to start with the artist who I think best personifies the rockin’ side of Duluth, Mark Lindquist.

The Black Eyed Snakes

The Black Eyed Snakes played for a large crowd at Pizza Luce’ this past Saturday night after debuting a few videos and performing at the Zinema 2.

Best Bet for Halloween is Evil Dead: The Musical
Covered in blood, gore, and laughs, the cast and crew of Rubber Chicken’s Evil Dead: The Musical put on the best show of Halloween.
Full Article

Enjoying the Scenery with Big Brother and the Holding Company

Last Thursday at The Pioneer Place in Saint Cloud, the band that made Janis Joplin famous gave the pinnacle of rock shows to a sold out crowd.  CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE  

Interview with Sam Andrew of Big Brother and the Holding Company
Big Brother and the Holding Company played two sold out shows in Saint Cloud and one in Zumbrota this past year around Mother’s Day .   After talking to many promoters and venues around town I haven’t found anyone yet who can help to bring them up to Duluth, but they do play again in Saint Cloud this October 14th and 15th



 A Few Cover Stories/Pictures:
Thirty Classic Concert Posters at the Tweed Museum
The Tweed Museum is displaying 30 original concert posters from California, created between 1966 and 1968, featuring bands like The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and many others of the era from now through next January.

High School Rocks Battle of the Bands 2010 Winner: Crescent Moon
Crescent Moon of Superior took top honors at the High School Rocks Battle of the Bands competition on Sunday at the DECC Arena.  CLICK HERE for more pictures.

High School Rocks Battle of the Bands 2009: Youngsters Take ALL!
This past Sunday 14 Northland bands competed in the 3rd Annual High School Battle of the Bands at the DECC Arena.

The Alrights: Doing it their way
The Alrights have re-released their debut album High School nationally through Manhattan’s City Canyons Records.  They also are recording a new five song E.P. and can be heard this Friday night for free at Carmody’s Irish Pub.

Boku Frequency
"Sometimes it's better not to ask." That was the response Boku Frequency's manager gave me when asked why Thomas (Bass, Lead Vocals & Dancer) emerged from a station wagon last New Year’s that was overflowing with girls. "That's just Thomas, he is the lady's man and lover of the band."

The Nor Shor 2005

The Top Local Songs of 2005
Article also featured in City Pages Magazine (Minneapolis, MN)

White Iron Band and Trampled By Turtles 
Trampled By Turtles opened for the White Iron Band’s CD release party (Tap Room, Feb. 11th ) and drew out more Flappin-Jack hippies than any band in town. The band created some great electric buzz-saw fiddlin’ music to the amusement of the high-twirling patchwork crowd. White Iron Band then headlined the show and got that same group and their own swinging and swilling. Eventually the mass bubbled out of the bar and into the parking lot, to tailgate between shows.  




The name "The Fountainheads" was taken from a film clip of a tour bus driver going through the Haight in the mid-sixties.  He explained to the shocked tourists that they were in "the fountainhead" of the hippie community.  We try to carry on that torch to for the next generation and beyond!  Since 2004 this site has contributed to keeping the past alive, right down to our logo, which was drawn by Lee conklin, former artist for the Fillmore West.

Victor Moscoso Interview
“It was the best of times…. Unless you were in Vietnam” – Victor Moscoso

Lee Conklin interview
Lee Conklin was the main poster artist for the Fillmore ballroom in San Francisco from 1968 to 1969, but he arrived in the Mecca of hippidom just a bit too late.

Randy Tuten: Led Zeppelin & Bill Graham Concert Poster Artist Interview
In the mid-1960s making concert posters in San Francisco was similar to Paris a century before when Toulouse Lautrec did posters for The Moulin Rouge.  It was a spiritual marriage of music, artists, rebellion, and revolution that made advertising images more important than just rock show ads.

FOX 21 NEWS Reports on the Poster Show
ABC 10 NEWS Reports on the Poster Show
KUMD Radio Gallery Interv

Lee Conklin: Fillmore Artist, Album Cover Designer, and Psychedelic Mindbender
In the 1960s there were parallels to past revolutions. The Boston Massacre was replaced by Kent State, Sit-ins for Civil Rights replaced horrific Battles of a Civil War, and the Common Man of Payne became known as a hippie.

Wes Wilson
One artist that truly stands above all other in American history is Fillmore West and Avalon Ballroom concert poster artist Wes Wilson. 
On a few occasions I have had the humbling opportunity to speak with him about his art over the phone from his farm/ranch in Missouri (usually at noon while he was eating lunch).  While our conversations have been personally life changing I thought it only right to share some of his stories with the readers in the Northland.

Wes Wilson Meets Andy Warhol
One conversation that Wes Wilson (the artist who basically invented the concert poster during the mid-sixties in San Francisco) and I had was about when Andy Warhol showed up on his doorstep.

Link 2





 Lightning Rod's Latest Column (Updated Bi-Weekly)
Click on the icon for a hippie's view of what is going on in the word.  LR's sight is great for poetry and music as well.

HAIR: Brilliant, Tribal, and Still Provocative
A time machine stopped at the Pantages Theater in Downtown Minneapolis on Friday night. 
Not like the Back To The Future DeLorean, but more of an incense, and peppermint VW Van. 
*Featured in The Pulse Magazine

Paul Olsen about Haight Street and life in the mid-sixties

Paul Olsen was at the right place at the right time and has seen more than most could ever dream.  He ran a poster company in San Francisco during the peak of psychedelia, designed movie logos for films like Terminator 2 and The Abyss, and happened to grow up on Haight Street as it blossomed into the capital of artistic freedom. 


Jefferson Airplane & The Animals
Nestled in the woods near the Mississippi River was a classic outdoor stage, and by arriving early, great seats were in abundance.  On the second night of The Taste Of Minnesota the legendary Jefferson Airplane/Starship took the WCCO Woodstock Stage.   The power and complexity of one of America’s greatest bands would tear your eardrums no matter how close you stood…  Front row gave a ring that lasted for days...


The Doors Live!
The biggest concert in my life deserves the best review I can give. The Doors music group aptly renamed The Doors 21st Century kicked off their 2004 tour on Friday in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The Merriest of Merry Pranksters: Some Q & A with Ken Babbs This article also featured on Ken Babbs' own website: CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

Jack White Live with The Dead Weather in Salt Lake City. 
"Will There Be Enough Water?"